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Free Web Hosting: How Much Will It Cost You?

free web hosting

Free Web hosting is something many new website owners decide to go with in the process of setting up their new websites. Engaging in online business requires you to have quality website with quality content. But using Free Web Hosting can end up costing you more money then you have anticipated.

When Downtime Occurs While Using Free Web Hosting

Downtime can easily occur with Free Web Hosting providers, up to a few days per year. You will lose revenue, but the hosting company will not owe you anything. Why? The reason is simple, Free Web Hosting providers do not offer any guarantees when it comes to uptime for your website. Web Hosting Providers, the ones you pay for, have in their own interest to offer you an amount of bandwidth to be used by your website. As popularity of your website increases, so does your revenue and you can pay your web hosting provider for more bandwidth so your website would continue working properly.

Features and Storage Limitations

If you are looking to develop features such as user forums or software like shopping carts for your website, using Free Web Hosting will be next to impossible to do. Majority of free Web hosts do not offer many features available for you to use. Even with limited access for MySQL and PHP you can only do so much with administrative limits set in place for each of them. Anything that requires root access to the server, you can forget about. The best you can hope for is uploading static HTMLs as this is the feature available for most free web hosts out there. Like with features, same goes for storage space.  With limited storage space the problem will become more apparent when your website starts growing. Paid web hosting can offer you cloud hosting solutions that can help you scale up or down the storage space you website requires.

Although Free Web Hosting sounds and looks appealing, in the long run it can cause you to lose revenue with downtime, no ability to fully develop your site and slow speeds that will turn customers away from it. If you are looking for a reliable and quality Web Hosting Company or if you have more questions about Web Hosting, contact us at


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