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Linux Web Hosting: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting is an internet hosting that is UNIX based and open sourced and uses the most important feature of LAMP which stands for Linux, Apache, MariaDB/MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python. It is a combination of server technologies and software that make Linux Web hosting an optimal solution to website hosting with a limited budget. There are some particular advantages and disadvantages to this web hosting platform which will help you decipher between the right platforms for your online business

Advantages of Linux Web Hosting

The advantages that Linux Web Hosting provides are security and stability which it is well known for. It will provide you with data safety and steadiness with its robust platforms. Linux will also give you an easy backup solution that is extremely important, especially when it has access to non-redundancies. Through its tools that Linux provides it will bring you the best in class and an easy backup facility. You will also receive simple administration benefits without having to use other software tools. Another advantage to using Linux Web Hosting is that it provides you with the best technical support that is built on a philosophy of providing problem solving functions and troubleshooting facilities to all of its users, creating a reliable service. Last but not least, the low cost of this open source platform, charges you less when it comes to setup, software and monthly costs which makes this the better solution.

Disadvantages of Linux Web Hosting

There are only two disadvantages that Linux Web Hosting has and they are Domain Knowledge and Compatibility. You might think that these two are terribly important when deciding on what platform to choose when it comes to your website, but the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages. It is not a detriment of not having inadequate knowledge of Linux, but it is something that can always be changed. When using a windows web hosting platform, the compatibility of using Linux can bring out issues, but can be resolved with using

There are many advantages when it comes to using Linux Web Hosting for your online business website that will give your company the chance to grow, in comparison to other platforms such as Windows web hosting. Choosing the right platform for your company all depends on what you are looking for when it comes to a web hosting platform and what your business needs to thrive. Linux Web Hosting has an upper hand over other platforms because of it being open sourced and it now being the most chosen platform used out there today.

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