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SSL Certifications and Plesk

What SSL Certifications does?
SSL certifications encrypt information sent between a web site, and the individual interacting with or visiting the site.

SSL certificates are highly recommended for sites like online retailers where confidential information is being transferred over the net.  Confidential information include such items as personal information or credit card details.

SSL Certifications and Plesk

Through Plesk you are able to code and install SSL Certificates within your website hosting account without the need, should you wish, to go through your hosting provider or server administrator.

What does Plesk do regarding the SSL Certification?
Plesk is able to generate the needed codes (both CSR and the private keys) for you and providing you with the option, if you choose, to copy the relevant information over to your certificate provider.

Ok. why would I now go through my hosting provider?
Your hosting provider if you wish can walk you through the administration needed to make sure that correct information is utilised in the certification.  Also, most hosting providers worth their salt would be partnered with a certification provider and able to advice you as to what level of certification is most relevant for your site, so that you have the correct level of protection.  At ByteHouse, we are partnered with Thwate consulting who are one of the longest standing and most reputable certificate issuers on the web.


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