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NoSQL Databases and Their Benefits

NoSQL Databases

NoSQL Databases are proving to be a very useful tool for companies that are being overwhelmed with floods of data. Keep in mind that NoSQL is not a database product but simply a term which defines a database category, and it functions very differently from traditional SQL databases such as MySQL. If your business requires a more scalable database, let’s take a look at the benefits it can offer.

Easier Retrieval and Data Storage with NoSQL Databases

With NoSQL you can store the data on to a data base without a previously set storage structure. What this means for example is that for any of your apps in order to interact with a database; the amount of code needed to be written for such interaction is reduced. It also allows for data to be retrieved much faster without the need to point your program to its exact location within a large, less flexible database structure.

Scalability in NoSQL Databases

Relational databases are very efficient only if the amount of data you need to store, as well as what structure it will take, is known in advance. However if those needs are not as easy to predict, and you require more a high level of scalability; using relational databases will not work well. NoSQL Databases poses better scaling abilities, as their design allows them to easily operate within clustered or distributed environments.

Simply put, they can be run on multiple servers at once, while at the same time your application will be seen as a single database. This will enable you to quickly expand your storage capabilities if additional data needs storing. NoSQL Databases are easier to “shard” (distributing database to multiple hosts to spread the load), then traditional SQL ones. What more SQL requires expensive hardware to shard, where NoSQL can do so with less expensive and replaceable commodity servers.

NoSQL Databases can be used as a useful tool in tackling big amounts of data flooding in. If your business requires more scalability, easier data retrieval and storage, NoSQL might be worth considering. Contact us now at 


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