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WordPress: Operational and Stable Maintenance


If working with WordPress and your sites are WordPress based, there are ways of maintaining them and keeping them more stable and operational. Avoiding any problems that may occur due to slower speeds or your sites being down is something we will be focusing on. Here are a few steps you can take to stay in front of possible issues.

WordPress: Updates and Backups

Making sure that your sites are secure and preventing hackers from hacking them is always important. The constant stream of updates required by WordPress at times can be overwhelming and frustrating but it is something that simply needs to be done. Updating your themes and plugins is always the best way to go about keeping your security up to date. Always having a backup plan, as any other business or company does with its data; if for any reason yours is corrupted or lost, you will need to retrieve it and continue on where you left off. If you do not backup regularly, you are risking losing your work and starting all over again, so be on the lookout for a suitable back up service.

Speed and More Security

Having a steady stream of users is crucial to all websites out there, so if your site is dragging in speed, many of them will pass you by. To prevent this from happening, using speed up plugins is one way to go, as they will compress your files and keep a handle on caching and this way you can produce more speed for your users. To make things more secure, there are different security plugins that you can choose from such as WordFence, BulletProff Security and Sucuri Security are just some of many, and the one suits your needs best is up to you to choose.

WordPress has always been a strong tool for creation, and still is. Going through some of these steps will help you keep things more operational, stable, and keeping you one step ahead of any problems you might encounter in the future.


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