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ownCloud 9: New Features and Upgrades

ownCloud 9

With ownCloud being one of the most used file share and sync solutions; the new ownCloud 9 brings new and improved features and upgrades to its users. Furthermore, if you are one of its many users, and you are thinking about upgrading to the new ownCloud 9; here are some things you can expect.

 User Interaction with the New ownCloud 9

Improvements in user interactions have been made with the new ability to leave comments and create tags, alongside the much improved activity and notifications feeds. Now you can post your comments regarding any file, and vice versa; files you shared and people you have shared them with, can do the same. With tags, you can easily keep your files organised and filter them as well. Therefore, with the notification feed you can have a better overview of your data since activity feed. Since it is kept separated from events such as calendar notifications or notifications on new files being shared.

ownCloud 9 and Improved Sharing

Another aspect where ownCloud 9 has become better is sharing, by using trusted servers or cross-server user name auto complete sharing etc. After your files have been shared with other ownCloud servers, those same servers will be added as trusted servers; while user names are exchanged. By doing so, server names you are sharing your files with the most, will be auto-completed by ownCloud 9. As an administrator controlling these features will be done by you. In addition, you can choose to do the adding of trusted servers by yourself manually.

ownCloud 9 and Improved Scalability

The new API (application programming interface), comes with more powerful storage, that allows for better integration and its new sharing code can manage more users and shares. Improved and more flexible scalability is achieved by the ability to integrate ownCloud 9 within their infrastructure and with its massive installations with ownCloud’s newly introduced API’s. The sharing code has been reconfigured to allow a better performance and more behavioural predictability. The original user will retain more control over their data when re-sharing files that are shared by other users. This gives them the ability to change permissions or remove the share and can revoke the share from any user.

In conclusion, there are many other major improvements including brand new stand-alone updater that ensures smoother upgrades from 9.0, code signing which ensures the integrity of your installations, both contacts and calendars that have been updated, extended the output details for occ scan files and app updates are more visible. With these updates, ownCloud 9.0 is the way to go for your online storage. Contact us now for more information at


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