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Owncloud and the Benefits of Having Your Own


Being a business owner, you now have options available to you where you can securely store all of your applications, information and data. The question is which method will you choose? With storing your files on to cloud servers you can go two ways, either on a commercial one or build your own cloud server. So here are some benefits of Owncloud and having your own cloud Server.

Owncloud Compatibility, Cutting Your Costs and Security

If there is a need for you to share your data on different platforms over different devices, have no worries as Owncloud is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and IOS. Storing your data on a public cloud comes with its own risks but why do that when you can now create your own privately controlled server. The initial investment is needed, but once you are done with setting your hardware and your privately hosted Owncloud server on site. It will pay itself off in the long run as your costs will no longer go to public clouds, where you have to pay for every additional user, more space and more time that you administer to your cloud. With the creation of your Owncloud account, you and your staff are the only ones with access to your files; know your way around securing it and you have nothing to worry about.

Speed and Control

Working within your own network will give you increased traffic and a big number of users will no longer slow you down. More control is also something you can really benefit from as you make decisions on upgrading, security, or how many users are allowed and many more. And last but not least, backup of your data where you have control on how often and when it will be done.

If you are looking for cost efficiency, having more control over your work and securing your data, then investing in an Owncloud will bring more value to your business and it might just be what you need.


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