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PHP Website: The Benefits of Hosting on Cloud Servers

php website

When deciding to run your PHP stack, you should make the decision of choosing a server that generally is a little bit expensive but reliable and secure. Cloud servers in comparison to a shared server which is cheaper and more risky. It’s always important to do your research when choosing the right hosting provider to run your PHP website. Rather than just jumping right in and dealing with the downside in the future. This could cause you downtime among other disadvantages.

How Shared Hosting Could be Dangerous for Your PHP Website

One of the downfalls to using a shared server for your site is the limited availability of resources, since you share all of your resources with other users. This could also create a high possibility for your site load time to increase due to the piling up of storage on the shared server. Another downfall to choosing shared hosting is the security whereas another site gets a malicious attack; every site on that shared server will be affected. You also don’t receive the option to increase the size of your server and therefore it leaves you with an option to migrate to another server.

Why is a Cloud Server More Beneficial?

A cloud server is a virtual server that is offered by different cloud hosting providers which run a cloud computing environment. These run as independent software units which don’t depend on centrally installed software. Cloud servers possess all of the functionalities and capabilities of physical servers, but are operated remotely. With cloud hosting, you are capable of running any operating system, whether it is Linux or Windows to run your PHP website. Another advantage of PHP websites on cloud servers are server scalability. This means that it helps you scale your memory with no limits of memory storage and performance.

Security is another big benefit due to it being more secure in comparison to shared hosting. There is no need to worry about malware because the managed cloud server providers handle that for your site automatically. You also receive optimised server, a faster site run time and backup of data. Cloud server providers automatically backup your data on a daily basis. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about losing any of your important files or data.

There are quite a few major advantages of running your PHP website using a cloud hosting provider, especially from an ecommerce perspective. Due to cloud hosting increases your conversion rates and decreases load times in comparison to shared hosting. Contact us now and receive more information regarding PHP websites at


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