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Plesk Vs cPanel: Who Rules the control Panel World?

Who Rules the Control Panel World; cPanel VS Plesk

In the Control Panel Wars over which control panel is superior to the others there are two names that constantly banted around: cPanel and Plesk. These are the oldest and most popular control panels in the world today. They also happen to be the most talked about. So, before you jump into any conclusions, here is a bit about each of them.

cPanel Hosting Control Panel

This control panel runs on both Windows and Linux. Its GUI is image driven and user friendly and works great for blog and website management and forums.  It is the most common control panel that is used and is generally the default control panel offered by shared hosting providers.

Due to the large user base of cPanel’s if you get stuck getting your head around the control panel, there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet. While you could always contact your web hosting company if you need help with your hosting the fact that tutorials are readily available for cPanel makes learning that much easier and more fun.  At the end of the day, you might end up finding lots of useful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your control panel.


Plesk Hosting Control Panel

This control panel is more advanced and has better functionality than cPanel, and is generally aimed at more advanced and sophisticated clients — those that have been at it for that little bit longer.  It not only is easy to use and comprehensive in providing the normal hosting control panel requirements, but it also integrates well with VPS and Cloud VPS hosting packages as well as having more useful features such as the Plesk Power pack and site builder: the easy to use of the shelf website development product.

Who Rules the Control Panel Waves?

Although from a feature list and shear ability to do things Plesk is the more advanced hosting control panel, cPanel has a shorter learning curve simply due to the fewer features that it provides.

So if you’re literally just starting out, then it might be worth test driving Cpanel, but overall we feel that any time spent coming to speed on Plesk is time well spent.

To learn more about Plesk 11 or Plesk Hosting visit bytehouse and see all the Plesk Control Panel Tutorials.


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