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Plesk Web Directories

The web directories feature of Plesk allows you to view and manage all publicly available folders and files in your Plesk shared hosting account that are viewable and accessible from the internet. Whereas the Plesk File manager allows you to edit all files and folders that have been uploaded to your shared web space.

This feature is useful for viewing and editing your files if for you do not have access to a WYSIWYG editor or aren’t able to establish an FTP connection to your web hosting space.  This feature is especially useful as since the files are directly edited no uploading is required.  You can also set custom settings for PHP and ASP.NET.

Modifying your directory
Plesk web directories also allows you to setup new physical or virtual directories; physical directories being ones that actually exist on the server, whilst virtual ones are those that generally link back to other directories that whilst hosted on your shared hosting space may or may not be publicly accessible via the internet.

Customising your error documents

Web directory allows you to setup custom error documents for you website through its interface.  This is a useful feature in allowing your site to still maintain its character and identity even if errors occur whilst visitors are browsing your site.


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