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Private Clouds Security Attracts Businesses

Cloud security concerns are driving more businesses to invest in private clouds, according to a new study.

With Private Clouds technology becoming ever more important to business growth, 37% of businesses are investing in the additional security offered by encrypted private clouds, with an additional 40% of organisations ready to invest in additional security guarantees if offered.

The study by IT auditing firm Netwrix found that, as well as concerns over security, 40% of IT professionals questioned, were concerned over the loss of physical control over their data in the cloud, which would explain the growing attractiveness of encrypted cloud services.

According to the CEO and Co-Founder of Netwrix, Alex Vovk stated about the study: “We wanted to find out the exact reasons were that prevent companies from cloud adoption and taking advantage of all the benefits it offers.” He also said: “The survey revealed the interesting fact that even though the cloud is not a new technology, the cloud market has a good potential to grow further. Advanced security solutions and true visibility into what is going on across the cloud infrastructure will help companies minimise security risks, take back control over business-critical assets and accelerate cloud adoption.”

The study also found that nearly 1 in 3 of those that rejected cloud adoption would reconsider it, if heightened security features, such as encrypted private clouds, were offered.

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