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The Appeal of Linux Shared Hosting versus Linux VPS Hosting

By and large for the majority of people Linux virtual private servers or Linux VPS hosting offer the same choice and variety of operating systems, compliment of software components and functionality that one would expect to receive from a dedicated server. For those with experience in administrating UNIX based systems they see the benefit and simplicity in administering, configuring and moulding services for uses that extend far beyond the standard remit of email services and standard web hosting, whilst those that are new to administrating UNIX or Linux systems find that having access to a VPS hosted system is the most cost effective way to begin learning the trade so to speak without incurring the expense and commitment of buying or leasing one’s own metal (hardware)!

Now if all of this doesn’t excite you, and make you salivate, then chances are that you are not quite ready to take the step up from the relative comfort of shared hosting, but many find it useful to make the switch when it is time to create custom applications, or have sites that have heavy traffic and are bumping up against some of the limitations of a shared hosting infrastructure.

Now the real question your probably thinking at the moment, is “what’s the differences between a VPS hosted system and a shared hosting facility?”. Well I find that the real difference lies with what do you intend to do with the system, and so shall answer the question by what shared hosting is best for. So for those wishing to host a low to moderate traffic website, with standard functionality and are happy with using the level of control offered by Plesk or CPanel, and either do not have, or do not wish to gain Linux/ UNIX admin experience then it is best to stick to a shared hosting facility for its simplicity, bargain appeal and extensive availability. But a word of caution, one should always be careful in bargain hunting and should realise that at the end of the day, one get’s what one pays for and penny wise, can be pound foolish! So shop carefully around but make sure that you are getting a real bargain rather then just a mirage. 🙂


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