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Top Tips for choosing your Virtual Private Server host

Top Tips for VPS Hosting

When looking for a VPS Hosting provider there are a few things that we believe you should look for;

  1. Quality of hardware used
  2. Reliability and uptime
  3. Quality of bandwidth
  4. Service and support
  5. Availability of burstable ram

Quality of Hardware used

Multiple VPS platforms run on partitioned hardware nodes so the quality of the hardware it runs on is imperative. It is always good to check the quality of the processors and hard disks since the hardware will be more heavily used then in a normal dedicated hosted environment as their will be 10’s of instances concurrently running. This should be the first thing you check.

Reliability and Uptime

If your hosting provider is using good reliable hardware this should be a given.  You should look for hosting provider that provides more than 99.9% uptime especially if you are running a Windows VPS platform where the chance of downtime is increased.

Quality of bandwidth

There is no point in having excellent hardware and reliable uptime if your datacentre or hosting provider’s connections are down.  Look for multi tier 1 BGP routed bandwidth to reduce the risk of any one ISP connections being down.

Service and Support

Sooner or later you’ll need the help and support of your hosting provider, make sure that the staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Like all insurance policies this is something you may never need but if and when you do, it is best to make sure that it is the best you can find.

Availability of Burstable RAM

If you are running a Linux VPS, this may prove to be a life saver as Burstable RAM is a temporary fix that kicks in in emergencies when you have a spike in traffic to your site, for example if someone has dugg, or stumbleuponed your site.  Although this is great news in that it will bring more patronage to your site, it can also overload and possibly crash your site. If your Linux VPS has burstable RAM until you increase your dedicated RAM or your traffic eases back.

We hope you find these useful, feel free to leave some comments and any additional ideas that we may have overlooked.


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