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VPS Hosting and WordPress

When to Move your blog from a shared web hosting to VPS Hosting?

We often here from clients who say something along the lines of; “My site is currently running on a shared hosting package running WordPress and we are starting to get over 3000 visitors and slowing down my site should we move over to VPS Hosting and if so what should we host on?”

First things first, before upgrading your hosting package and/ or moving your site we would suggest first checking to see that your wordPress is fully optimised as it can be a bit of resource hog.  Make sure that you’ve optimised your MySQL configuration and your plugins.

But as your site grows sooner or later you will need to move over to a more powerful system, and for the blogging community the VPS platform is an excellent half way house between the dedicated world and the shared hosting world.

We would always suggest using a Linux VPS platform rather than a windows one as you would save both on licensing fees and because the Linux kernel is more memory efficient and you would need less memory.

As a first step we would suggest you host on a 256MB Linux VPS system, if you are new to managing your own platforms then I would suggest getting a control panel, and the Plesk Power pack.  With the Plesk power pack you would be able to easily install and configure your WordPress platform with having to troll the forums for help, and thus save your self the managed VPS hosting fees, well worth the small price charged by most hosting providers for it.

Once you are on the VPS platform you are able to scale up or down your platform to correspond with growth and any seasonal variations in your site traffic. Perfect for all those bloggers who are slowly growing their site.


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