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VPS Hosting Rules and guidelines

General ByteHouse VPS Hosting Rules

1. The VPS hosting service is at all times a fully managed hosting service. Our support team pro-actively monitors, supports and is responsible for the overall VPS node(s).

2. Individual processes running within the VPS containers are not the responsibility of our support team.  Furthermore the support team is only responsible for software supported by the Plesk control panel, processes that are installed by the client are therefore not supported by the team. If you are experiencing problems with either your Plesk or Virtuozzo control panels we will respond to those when reported to us, and can not do so on a proactive basis.

3. At ByteHouse all our accounts, including the VPS hosting ones go through a comprehensive fraud verification process.  After the accounts have been verified through both manual and automated processes as genuine the accounts are activated.  This process is undertaken to validate that these accounts are genuine and to ensure that each Virtual Private Server account is setup as per our clients request.  If you are flagged for fraud, please call us directly.

4. We offer the option of both root and control panel access for all our VPS hosting plans.  Unless you are proficient in the configuration of your own user accounts, mail accounts, DNS and other activities pertinent to the configuration of such VPS servers then we highly recommend you choose a control panel VPS hosting platform as our support team is not responsible for this.

We further recommend Virtuozzo, Virtuozzo comes with Virtuozzo Power Panel which allows clients to manage their VPS platforms and perform administrative functions including resource management, process management, backup, formatting (reverts back to the original state provided to you by ByteHouse) and rebooting their VPS.

5. We will endeavour to aid in your VPS data migration from your previous hosting provider, to your new ByteHouse VPS hosting platform.  Full migration will be provided if you have used Plesk on your previous VPS hosting platform, without a Plesk control panel the support team can only move the website(s) files, the other data, databases, and emails will have to be moved by the user.

A charge for customer migration may be levied depending on the size or service that is running on the source VPS, or on its level of complexity.

6. Please note that all third party applications and software not provided by ByteHouse are the customers’ responsibility; The VPS team will endeavour to help the customer with the installation of such applications, programs and software to the best of their ability, but configuration of these items are the customer’s responsibility.

Furthermore, the ByteHouse support team are not responsible for any issues or damages that may occur from use of these products.  The support team will endeavour to attempt to troubleshoot and resolve these problems but cannot be responsible for any issues, or their final resolution.

Naturally the support team can only endeavour to aid in the installation and possible trouble shooting of such third party applications when they are not busy with support issues as third party applications are not within the normal remit of hosting support, and are thus given a lower priority.


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