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Web Hosting and its Common Mistakes

web hosting

Many different companies provide free web hosting services, but unfortunately these free web hosting pans do not provide enough features that are needed for your website with some of them forcing you to place advertisements on your website. Here are a few common mistakes that are made.

Inexperienced Reseller in Web Hosting and No Definition of Requirements

It is not a bad thing to host with a reseller but you do need to do some heavy research, especially if you decide to go in this direction. Not all resellers are completely experienced or are experienced but might lack when it comes to scripts and server environments. So finding the right reseller takes a lot of patience and research to make sure it will suit your online business. Defining your requirements is an important step when it comes to your online business, and this a common mistake businesses and individuals tend to make. Always keep a list of resources your website will need and continue to add to the list as your business grows, which will make upgrading your web hosting services much easier in the future.

Bad or Limited Host Website and Putting Everything in One Location

If a web hosting provider does not take time or is unable to put together an informational website for their own site, they most likely will not care about your site either and that is why it is a good thing to look out for cookie cutter websites. When managing several websites, it will be a good idea to not have everything in one account. If your sites generate income and they all come from one account, having them come out of one account could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Trusting Your Host to Have the Latest Software and Relying on Host Backups

Always invest in a cloud hosting provider as well as an off the grid backup provider, even if your web hosting provider performs them as well. It is not a good idea to only have your own backup due to any disaster that occurs, such as a fire, hard drive failure and so many more things that could possibly go wrong. This could lead to your website going down indefinitely and the inability to move your site to another web hosting provider, because you didn’t have any other backups. When looking for a web hosting provider, one thing that is crucial to be aware of is them having the newest software or latest patches to plug security holes. Make sure to always be aware of what versions they are running and how often it is updated before you purchase a web hosting service from them.

Mistakes do happen and not everyone is perfect, but when deciding to go with a company that offers a Web Hosting Provider, be completely certain that they have everything up to date and that your online business is protected in the right way. If you want to know more about common mistakes and what we will do to make sure they don’t happen, please contact our sales representatives at


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