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What To Look For In Your Hosted Exchange Provider

A hosted exchange provider is a company that creates an email box and avails space on a server where clients can host any data they want. The client is then able to access this data through different kinds of media from basically anywhere because it is stored on a server. Since this company literally manages all the data input on the server, is important that you get the right company to handle this job. There are many UK hosted exchange providers and most of them have vibrant advertising and marketing strategies that make it even harder for you to choose.
There are some aspects that you should look out for before you decide on the company to outsource your mail and data storage to.
1.    Background
Take your time and conduct a thorough research on the company’s background. This will help you establish whether it has a track record and whether it has the capacity to handle the amount of business you have. Picking a company that has a good track record is a guarantee that you will get the best and most reliable services.
2.    Level Of Uptime
Even though no company will assure you of 100 percent level of uptime, hostage online exchange companies should be in a position to guarantee around 96 percent and above. In the search for the highest uptimes, you should be weary of providers with no written SLA and those that offer over exaggerated promises.
3.    Security Measures
Company emails usually contain a lot of information concerning the company. If this information lands in the wrong hands, it could land your company into a lot of trouble. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the hosted exchange provider has high security measures like anti spam and antivirus technology in place. Some companies even go to the extent of offering triple hosting to ascertain to their clients high security levels.
4.    Infrastructure
The best hosted exchange providers always invest in loads of infrastructure. This infrastructure allows them to run all the amount of data they have without any hitches. Find out if your preferred company has the latest technology and top tier vendors which make the services better.
5.    Number Of Clients
The more the number of clients that a company has, the more preferable it is. This is a sign that they have been there for a long time and the clients who stick around believe in the quality of the services that are offered. You should avoid any company that has a high client turnover because it signals poor services or bad management altogether.
6.    Data control
Always ask about the company policy on data control. It is imperative that you are the sole handler of your data. This is to avoid instances where a company can withhold your data if you refuse to renew the contract with them therefore forcing you to suffer with their poor services.
Once you have determined these essential factors, you can regain your peace of mind through utilizing the benefits accrued from outsourcing hosted exchange services to the right company.


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